• Our Story | So Who Are These Happy Guys

by Michael Wilson January 01, 2018

Our Story | So Who Are These Happy Guys

We're two close friends from New York, now making our home in Los Angeles, California.  We’ve spent a considerable amount of our careers creating content in the entertainment world.  However, none of that background was the catalyst, or the roots for this lifestyle brand.  No, that came from a much, much different place in both geography, and ideology.  That place: Black Rock City, Nevada and the temporal community called Burning Man.

A few years ago we spent a week in the desert raising a flag, our banner, high above the Playa for all to see with the message: Under the Influence of Happiness.  As we traversed this enigmatic tundra on foot and bicycle, we handed out as gifts, buttons, with our message and a smile to all those who crossed our path.  We literally gave out 1000’s and 1000’s of buttons.  It was intense, exhilarating and amazing!

Through the dust, the art, the beats and hugs, we returned home to find that our simple idea of Choosing Happiness had touched so many.  We were reveled with countless stories on how our message had helped someone through a rough time, empowered others to make positive changes in their lives, or simply made people smile –Just made them feel happy :)

Since then, we’ve received hundreds of photographs of people wearing our buttons, our message and our smile from around the world . They quickly became their favorite accessory.  They wore them like badges of honor.  We we’re astonished.  We we’re humbled.  We had a thought…  Could we build this into something more?  Could we turn this simple positive message into a Lifestyle brand?  Could we share it with a much larger community, and have fun while making others happy?  

We think we can.  Check that –We’re going to, because we believe in the simple truth that everyone has the choice to be happy, and that each of us has a responsibility -If not an obligation, to share happiness with others.  So, join our story. Wear our smile.  Let people know you're Under the Influence of Happiness, and that happiness is inside them too!

Thanks for visiting, and we can;t wait for you to wear our Smile!

Think Happy!

Michael & Peter

Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson


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