Happiness | Sticker Packs

We can't think of a better way to share happiness then with our Choose Happiness | Sticker Packs!  Our Hi-Gloss, 3" Diameter, UV laminated stickers are crafted on the highest quality (4 mil.) Vinyl, and will last outdoors and be fade free for up to 5 years.  Yeah, these stickers are the real deal!  Each sticker pack comes with (4) original stickers: "My Happy Place" Yellow Sunburst, Under the Influence of Happiness Heart Swirl, The Smiley Shield, and our Classic Logo

Stick one on your bumper, your laptop, your notebook or the windshield of your car! Slap one on your locker, your dorm room, your mailbox, or your favorite corner bar! Stick it on your bicycle, your surfboard, your skateboard or your local shopping mall. Slap them on your windows, your ceiling, your mirrors and every door and wall! Share them anywhere and everywhere -And let everyone know you're Under the Influence of Happiness!

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